Getting your accounting cleaned up and ready for business review

A backlog of paperwork or incomplete records?

It is a legal requirement that you keep correct financial records and you must submit accurate accounting information to the relevant authorities on specific dates throughout the year.


Unfortunately, when running a growing business, the bookkeeping often gets hurried or neglected, resulting in inaccuracies and sometimes a backlog.  Sometimes that’s simply because we’re too busy.  And sometimes it’s because we have relied on someone else to do the record keeping and they simply haven’t done it the way it should be done.


This can lead to sleepless nights of worrying about your finances and rectifying the organization of your records and information.


Even worse than that, it can lead to inaccurate financial information being submitted to the IRS and State tax boards, which can lead to inquiries, penalties, fines and in the very worst cases, might mean you can no longer run your business.


The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) can charge you a penalty if your records aren’t accurate, complete and readable.  You may have to pay interest and penalties if your figures turn out to be wrong and you haven’t paid enough tax.  The IRS may audit your records to make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax.


And then of course, without accurate and up-to-date financial information available at your fingertips, you risk making the wrong decisions in your business, not collecting money that’s owed to you, paying the wrong amounts of sales and use tax and having little or no control over your finances.


This can all add up to one big nightmare… but don’t worry, we will get you back on track and help you get everything under control.

This is how you benefit from our accounting clean up and business review service

Processing transactions, finding entry errors, reconciling differences is what we do.  Day in and day out.  Here are the key things we will do for you:

  • a full operational review of your current record keeping systems to find quicker, better and cheaper ways for you to keep current,

  • rigorous quality control checks on the financial information, sale tax returns and accounts to eliminate any errors which may cause you problems when the tax authorities decide to check your records,

  • a dedicated professional to get your accounts up to date in the shortest time possible and saving you the time and hassle of doing it,

  • reduced accounting fees because it will be easier to produce year-end financial statements, and

  • we will liaise with the IRS on your behalf if any of your previously filed information needs to be corrected, or if you are behind on any of your statutory filings.

Ultimately, we want to save you time, remove stress and help you sleep at night, knowing your financial data is accurate and up-to-date.


A better accounting system

One of the things our clients love about our accounting clean up and business review service is this: while we are getting you back on track and up to date, we will review your current accounting system for suitability for your business, as well.


Modern, cloud-based solutions mean that you will always have real-time access to key financial information and never need to lose sleep over your books again.


And, if a cloud-based solution is right for you, with our “Full” and “Premium” packages, we can offer BIG discounts on our cloud set-up services, when you benefit from our accounting review service.


If you choose either the “Full” or “Premium” package and you already use a cloud solution, we’ll assess what’s happened and where it’s gone wrong.  We’ll clean it up and get it set up as it was intended to be – a hassle-free, user-friendly solution that makes your life easier.


So what is your investment?

Budgeting for value

Many firms would quote you an hourly or daily rate to investigate your financial records, and an even higher rate to rectify any issues.  In fact, that’s how most accounting and bookkeeping firms price: by the hour.


The trouble with an hourly rate is that you have absolutely no idea what the cost will be until after the work is completed.  You have to trust that they are keeping an accurate record of how much time they are spending.  And you have no way to budget for the cost.


That doesn’t seem right to us… it’s certainly not fair.


So what we do is offer a fixed price based on your particular circumstances and what you want.  That way, you can budget and plan.  You know with certainty what it is going to cost.


Oh, and one more thing… we let you spread the payments out over several months.


We also know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.  Every business is different.  Your business is unique.  So what we do is give you a choice of different packages so that you may choose the one that best meets your needs.  And each of those packages can be further tailored to get you exactly what you want. Contact us today so we can get you started and back on track.